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Transforminator, Professor of Transformation, Life Transformational Practitioner













Steven A. Costales was the original founder of Contextual Actualization and Vision to Reality. He is also the founder of Brilliant Institute, which has the intentions to transform Humanity. He is acknowledged as being in the forefront as a Master Empowerment Architect in discovering Waking Up the Brilliance and Well-Being that resides within all of us. He began his extensive inquiry into the nature of empowering human beings at a very young age and has for decades been in a constant inquiry with many transformational disciplines throughout his lifetime. He empowers people through his Life Transformational Consulting Practice, Readership, Public Speaking and Charitable Contributions.


His intention with Brilliant Institute is to manifest transformation worldwide and to deepen the distinctions of transformational education so as to increase the effectiveness and delivery of the human potential educational industries.

His ultimate intention is to empower others to discover and “be” their greater higher Self such that they have a powerful, purposeful, expanded inspired awareness from moment to moment, for the rest of their lives.



  • Discover Who You Are

  • Get Unstuck

  • Becoming Ageless

  • Transfomational Journey

  • Create & Live Your Life Purpose

  • Empowerment

  • Transpedia Chapters

This is a webinar presentation given to a group of people who are making an inquiry on how to tap  their own brilliance within and be empowered by their journey.

Chapters of the transpedia are also discussed in this webinar. 

Your Transformational JourneyWebinar Presentation
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