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Wake Up the Brilliance Inside You

Discover Who You Are

“What labels you, limits you” - by Steven A. Costales

Your attachment to an obsessive identity or a repetitive excessive notion about who you are will prevent you from having a satisfying life of abundance, possibilities and growth.

Many of us are wrapped up in the so-called "societal labels". What that means is, if you are a college graduate then you are "educated and knowledgeable" are "not stupid". If you are wealthy financially, then you are "respectable". Some of you may or may not agree with these labels but since we are in a society full of human judgements, scrutiny and incompletions, then it is politically correct to establish such labels and place meanings on something tangible.

We then spend a lot of unproductive, wasteful energy, thoughts and considerations of Self-centered importance losing our true authentic Self limiting our view and understanding of who we really are.

So, the big question will be - how do we discover who we are? By noticing and observing our reactive thoughts and emotions that will begin to empower us to "empty our cup".

For more information on this subject matter, avail of our study course in Transformational Living Chapter One and schedule a transformational consultation with Mr. Steven Costales, our Life Transformational Consultant.

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