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Wake Up the Brilliance Inside You

Be in a Space of Love and Well-Being Indefinitely


"To have a relationship with others, you begin by transforming your relationship with your Self. You must be and live in the present time and not in your past reactive mind chatter. " - Steven A. Costales

When we talk about love and well-being what comes to mind is the word relationship. The word relationship is defined as the state of being related or interrelated; a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings; a romantic or passionate attachment.

Oftentimes, we misconstrue what we need and want. We begin to yearn to be with someone to fill in the gap or deficiencies that we think we have. We choose not from what we truly are but what we are lacking off. This prevents us from being who we truly are because we pretend to be someone else. We find excuses to come out with an answer to justify why we are not connected...not in a relationship that is genuine. To have a healthy inspiring relationship, we must transform our lives.

Let us assist and empower you on your initial step in creating your declared relationship purpose which is the 7th Chapter of the Transpedia entitled Create and Live Your Relationship Purpose that will allow you to attain extraordinary relationships and empower you to be in a space of love and well-being indefinitely.

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