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Wake Up the Brilliance Inside You

The Unveiling of the Proof Copy of the Transpedia


The proof copy of the transpedia: Wake Up the Brilliance Inside You was received on the 2nd of June. A number of people have been informed and were thrilled to hear the great news. As of today, we have received several pre-orders of the much awaited transpedia of the decade.

From Left to Right: Jim, the Author: Steven Costales (holding the proof copy) & Brad.

This picture was taken on the 4th of June at the El Cholo Restaurant located at La Habra, California, USA.

The unveiling of the proof copy also coincided with the first TRANSPEDIA MASTERMIND WORKSHOP that was held in the Brilliant Institute's office last Saturday, the 17th of June. The workshop's objective is to discuss each of the chapters of the transpedia answering the Key Points to Ponder Inquires found on the end of each chapters. The attendees of the workshop will be the pioneers of an empowering mastermind group in the world. Only close members of the Brilliant Institute will be able to watch the Mastermind Workshop videos. (Details on how to become a member will be emailed to all requests made through our contact page)

We would like to extend our special acknowledgment to our videographers: Greg and Vincent in capturing what will eventually be considered the historical beginning of a worldwide venture of transformational living that will empower millions even billions of people around the world.

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