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Wake Up the Brilliance Inside You

Create Powerful Decisions From Your Vague Intentions

Andy Warren

Everything meaningful in your life came from a Powerful Decision. It's those turning points in your life that make the difference in how much you get paid, who you are and how satisfying your life turns out to be. And yet many people no longer make the Powerful Decisions they need. Find out why your decisions are so important and what you need to do to start making them.

What’s had the biggest impact on your life? Your parents, partner, career or education? Your health, social status or background? And what’s it been for the people around you? The people you work with, your friends, those you see in the media? What’s had the biggest influence in all their lives? It all comes down to one thing. Powerful Decisions.

All great achievements can be traced back to a single Powerful Decision. When you make a decision it gives you power and control. It puts you in charge. It makes you responsible. And that’s why many people don’t like to make decisions. They want the control and power but they’re scared of the responsibility. They’re scared they may not make the right decisions and scared they might get blamed if things go wrong.

In reality, those who do make Powerful Decisions, and they are the true leaders in life, tend to get the greatest rewards. Rewards such as money, promotion, respect, admiration, personal satisfaction or some other compensation.

And those that don’t make decisions? Well they tend to get stuck in the middle management trap, where people simply stop making real decisions and their career, and their life, just grinds to a halt.

Which group feels better for you? You're where you are today because of the Powerful Decisions you’ve made. Each major milestone in your life has been accompanied by a Powerful Decision. As you look back, you’ll see how your Powerful Decisions stand out as markers in your life. They’re the points of change. The forks in the road that took you along the path to where you are today.

As we grow in our lives, relationships and careers, the decisions we have to make can get harder. They can have more impact and greater consequences. And some people find that hard to handle. So they stop making decisions. Can you see where that might have happened in your life? Think back to a time when you last made a really Powerful Decision. Remember how it felt. And consider how long it’s been since that last one.

Unfortunately, the more you delay a Powerful Decision the more chance it will get made for you. And it’s often not in your favour. That’s why you want to put yourself back in control and start making your own Powerful Decisions again.

Once you make a Powerful Decision you’ll find your awareness begins to open up and you start to see things that you’ve never noticed before. Opportunities and people that may have been there all along, now become apparent to you. That’s the strength of Powerful Decisions.

So is your life filled with Vague Intentions or are you making Powerful Decisions? What one Powerful Decision do you need to make today? It may be in your career, your relationship or somewhere else in your life? What Powerful Decision have you been putting off?Make your own Powerful Decision today, and watch how your life immediately begins to change. And of course, once you’ve made your decision there’s just one more thing to do. Take Action.


You can visit and discover how to make a Powerful Decision today. Andy Warren is a qualified chartered accountant, entrepreneur and consultant with business experience at director levels in blue chip companies, SMEs and start-ups. He is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has trained with Anthony Robbins in the US in behavioural sciences and life skills. He has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in the field of coaching and developing human behavior. (Please note that the link provided by the author is no longer valid. There were no other current links given at the time it was published on this site.)

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